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I am always on the hunt for the best tools, products, and tech. This page will be updated constantly with all my current favorites.

My Favorite Gear


I absolutely love minimalism, and you can see it in the design of this website. When it comes to my device of choice, I always turn to my iPhone 13 Pro Max (512 GB). It's my go-to for capturing photos and videos, and I upload everything related to short-form on here. Since I typically shoot in ProRes with a high bitrate, I use Google Photos as a backup for my short clips. On days when I know I'll be doing a lot of filming, I also bring along a portable charger and a 256GB SD card. This ensures I have enough space and battery life to get the job done.

On The Go Microphones

As part of my setup, I use the Rode AI-Micro along with the Rode Wireless II and the Rode Lavalier II. When necessary, I have two Bluetooth compatible on-the-go microphones that connect to my iPhone wirelessly and wired. These products are a complete game changer when I am away from my office.

At Home Setup

At my home studio I use the microphone, the Shure SM7B with the GO XLR Mini. I find this setup very clean looking for my desktop setup while providing a high level of quality. Since I live in a high-noise environment. I find the SM7B an excellent microphone that blocks out a lot of unnecessary noise. If you would like to download my microphone presets you can do so here.

Wireless keyboard, mouse, and headphones have quickly become a staple in my setup. The freedom of being able to work, listen to podcasts, or hop into calls when I am away from my system allows me to multitask when before I couldn't. Thanks to the updated Logitech technology there is no difference to the human eye of having a wired mouse and keyboard in comparison to a wireless one. Another benefit is that my desk looks so much cleaner without all of those cords and wires. The current setup I use is the Logitech G915 TKL Keyboard , Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse, Logitech G PRO X Wireless headset. For my Mac, I use Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Premium Noise Canceling headphones, along with Logitech MX Master 3S for Mac.

The core component of my work from home workspace is my stand-up desk. I use the EKBACKEN Countertop from IKEA along with the AokPro Desk Frame Only, Dual Motor Standing Desk. Having a stand-up desk has been a game changer and a much needed addition to my workflow. Long-term sitting is associated with a variety of health problems, such as back pain and poor circulation. With a stand-up desk, you can switch between sitting and standing throughout the day, reducing the amount of stress on your back and body. As a result of using my standing desk, I have been more focused and productive at my workspace.

My Favorite No-Code Tools

Typedream is the foundation of this website. It offers an intuitive interface, a range of templates, and unlimited powerful integrations. This makes it a staple of my brand. I use Typedream for most of my landing pages, courses, and personal websites. Typedream is my go-to site for those who wish to start a website. With ZERO coding knowledge necessary, it makes it easier than ever to launch your brand with style.

My brand would be nothing without Notion. Every aspect of my business relies on Notion, from day-to-day tasks to project management and even selling templates and courses. It is by far the best No-Code tool on this list. If you take anything from this list it better be Notion. If you want to level up your life, your business, and your social media game, Notion should be a part of your daily tools.

I know ChatGPT has turned into somewhat of a buzzword nowadays, and rightfully so. I use ChatGPT for a large part of my business. With it, tedious tasks are made easier, and more accurate, and for my business, it levels up my users' experience. ChatGPT is just one of many AI language models, but it has proven to be a great versatile tool for my business.

Tally is a versatile and customizable data collection tool. Without needing any coding experience it allows you to streamline complicated tasks down to minutes. I personally use this to collect all data from my contact me page. It is organized, has tons of integrations, and is reliable. It does everything I ask for and more and that is why I cannot recommend this tool enough.

Carrd is an excellent alternative to Typedream. It is extremely affordable and has tons of integrations, templates, and capabilities. Although I don't use it for all my products I still have it in my workflow.

Gumroad is an e-commerce platform that allows you to sell digital products, like eBooks and courses, directly to your audience. It offers features like customizable checkout pages and flexible pricing, making it an excellent tool for creators looking to monetize their content. I use Gumroad for the majority of my free content. It makes it extremely easy to create an attractive product that is easy to deliver.

My Favorite Apps & Software

Apple Notes App. Not much needs to be said about the default Apple Notes app. This is probably the most frequently opened app on my phone. It makes tracking tasks easy to do, file management, and the ability to scan documents and create shared notes. It just has so many features and having it preinstalled on every Apple device is a godsend.

Max Rewards is an app that helps you earn rewards points and cash back for your everyday spending. All you have to do is link your cards and it automatically tracks which card is the right card to use for every occasion and store. Although I don't use 90% of what this app has to offer it makes it extremely easy to maximize my credit card game with ease.

I believe every crypto investor needs a cold wallet and the one I use the most is Arculus. It's a secure and user-friendly crypto wallet that allows you to store and manage your cryptocurrencies. It offers features like multi-currency support and biometric authentication, making it an excellent tool for managing your cryptocurrency investments. I am a person who is all for security, but when it becomes a hinder to my trading I am not for it. Arculus has a great balance between risk and user experience.

Duolingo is a language learning app that allows you to learn any language through interactive lessons and exercises. My favorite feature of this app is its beautiful gamified user interface. There are not a lot of apps that can make learning a language like a video game, but Duolingo does it just right. It offers features like personalized goal setting so you can always find time for it, making it an excellent tool for language learners of all levels.

Mimo is a coding app that allows you to learn to code through interactive lessons and challenges. It offers features like personalized goal setting and real-time feedback, making it an excellent tool for aspiring developers. It's the Duolingo of coding.

Camo Studios is a tool that allows you to use your iPhone or iPad as a high-quality webcam. It offers features like customizable settings and video stabilization, making it the ideal tool for remote workers and content creators.

VoiceMod is my favorite piece of software for voice effects. It's much easier to re-record some voice effects from scratch than to try to find a preset or create one in Adobe Premiere Pro. This is where Voicemod comes in and saves me a great deal of time and energy in raising the production value of my videos.

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