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Private Coaching Program

Create a system, build an audience, increase your earnings.

Welcome to Joseph's Creator Coaching Program - a personalized journey designed to empower you in the world of content creation and online business.

Here's What's Included

โœ“ 12x 60-min Weekly Calls: We'll have regular one-on-one sessions to dive deep into your goals, progress, and strategies.

โœ“ 24/7 Discord Support (Private DM Access): You'll have continuous access to me for guidance and support via private messages on Discord.

โœ“ Building High-Value Skills: We'll focus on developing the essential skills required for success in the content creation and online business space.

โœ“ Creating Habits for Success: We'll work on cultivating effective habits that will drive your progress and productivity.

โœ“ Personalized Accountability and Action Plan: Together, we'll craft a customized plan to keep you on track towards your goals.

โœ“ Comprehensive Review of All Business Aspects: We'll thoroughly examine every aspect of your online business to identify areas for improvement and growth.

โœ“ Crafting Unique, Monetizable Content: We'll delve into the art of creating content that not only resonates with your audience but also generates revenue.

Investment Options:

A one-time payment of $1250 USD for the 3-month program.

Alternatively, you can choose a monthly payment plan of $450 USD for 3 months.

For those interested in a shorter commitment, there's a one-month option available for $500 USD.

In this program, the ultimate goal is to help you build an online business that you're not only proud of but one that also provides you with the financial freedom you desire.

Take the first step towards your content creation success and financial independence. Get your personalized action plan, create a system, build an audience, and increase your earnings with Joseph's Creator Coaching Program.

What comes afterwards?

After you've completed this application, I'll be reaching out to connect with you personally. During our complimentary 60-minute Discovery Call, we'll delve deep into your unique aspirations, challenges, and the current landscape of your content creation journey. This conversation will serve as the foundation for crafting a tailored roadmap to help you progress towards your most ambitious dreams.

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What are your revenue streams for your business?


Additional questions maybe asked during reviewing process! but if you have any personal request leave them here.


How willing are you to invest on your own personal growth and development journey?